Friends of Craigs Creek


January 27, 2023
Friends of Craigs Creek

Protect Navigation

Protect Property Rights

Friends of Craigs Creek’s mission is to protect river navigation and to protect property rights.

We believe both are equally important to the people of Craig, Botetourt and other nearby jurisdictions.

Further, navigation is an economic benefit to the area and has the potential for great improvement.

Members of FCC include creek property owners, recreational boaters and fishers, river recreation businesses and tourists from far and wide.

A reason for creating FCC and a top priority is the lawsuit filed by attorney Lenden Eakin on behalf of the Lemon family. This lawsuit has concerned members since it threatens navigability and access to Craigs Creek. It has been filed against the Virginia Marine Resources Commission (VMRC) representing the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The case is complex. To oversimplify, the Lemons complaint is that VMRC has claimed ownership of the Lemon property river bottom which the Lemons believe has created a burden on their rights.

FCC is considering filing an amicus brief in support of the VMRC.

The court case heard on February 7 could continue for months or years, so there is likely a long-term need for a Craigs Creek river group.

For further information you can contact:
Bill Tanger at or 540-266-0237.

We hope to have at least a temporary website set up soon.

Volunteers are always helpful. If you have Skills or abilities with Facebook or web page design, please let us know. Or other abilities like excel or typing.

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